Language Preferences

Q. Is Social1 affiliated with its stars?

A. Social1 is currently not affiliated with the stars.

Q. Where does Social1 obtain information about stars or events?

A. We search the web to find information on the stars. The most common places we look are YouTube and Twitter.

Q. Does Social1 give out any of the stars' contact information?

A. Social1 is committed to everyone's privacy, including the stars'. We will not mention information that is considered obtrusive.

Q. Where is Social1 made?

A. Social1 is proudly built and maintained in Toronto, Canada.

Q. Does Social1 know where the stars will host events?

A. Social1 does not have any connections with the stars. This means that we find out about events after they're announced. We will update our News page accordingly as major events are announced.

Q. How can I contact a star?

A. Social1 recommends that you try messaging a star through social media such as YouTube or Twitter.

Q. How do I redeem a download code on the App Store?

A. We've got 3 easy steps to follow, just visit to see.

Q. Does Social1 speak my language?

A. Social1, with the help of Google Translate, can speak to international users in over 90 languages. Visit or click on "Language Preferences" at the bottom of the page to change the language that Social1 speaks to you in.