A Message to Social1 Users

June 27, 2016.

Dear Social1 users,

Just over 2 years ago, we started Social1 with the intent that audiences all over the world could enjoy the "social" media presence of their favourite stars in "1" place. Within that time, Social1 has evolved to become an extraordinary application and service that we couldn't be more proud of. The feedback we received from you all was truly incredible, and it was for that reason we continued to develop and refine Social1 so it could be the best (and only) app of its kind. Social1 allows you to follow MagCon's most talented people and view live feeds from Twitter, YouTube and Instagram from one place. It truly has become more that we thought it would have when we first began.

We get countless emails every day, and we read every single one. (Yes, every single email) Many emails we get ask us about tour dates, contact info, and even how Social1 functions in the background. Truth is, Social1 is run by two individuals, Daniel and Michael. We do not know the stars personally, nor are we funded or run by MagCon. Social1 is run solely by money we put in ourselves plus revenue from you guys. Which means, if you've used our apps (even the forever free, Social1 Lite) you helped contribute to keep Social1 running, and to that we want to thank you.

Both of us would like for you all to know that Social1 is very important to us, and that it was a very important learning experience. Many of you are looking to pursue rewarding careers in your lifetime, we are too. Social1 proved to us that anyone can do anything they want and become successful. Like I mentioned earlier, Social1 is run by two of us. To date, our apps have been used by over 92,000 people! A number that we never would have imagined possible! We want you to know that if we can do it, you can do it too!

It is at this time that we would like to express our thanks for all the support you have shown, as we bring Social1 to a close. Both of us are attending school, which unfortunately means we are unable to maintain Social1 as often as we used to. We will however, keep Social1 on the App Store as an iOS exclusive like we always have for new users to download and enjoy. Given that we tried our very best to automate many of Social1's functions, we can confirm that our app will remain operational even though we will no longer be maintaining it. In the coming months, we will be removing the latest news, contact us, and chat room functionality. We will also not be adding or updating information that already exists on Social1.

While this may be the end for Social1, this is by no means our final goodbye. We will be working on new apps to bring to the App Store for you all to enjoy in the near future. Thank you for using Social1, and we hope you have an enjoyable Summer! (Or Winter if you're in Australia)

Daniel De Ciantis &
Michael Cesario

Social1 Founders

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